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NATIVE SUN PRODUCTIONS’ Emmy nominated film "FIRST INVASION: THE WAR OF 1812" was featured in several vignettes in the SMITHSONIAN MUSEUM – NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY exhibit on the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 entitled, "1812: A NATION EMERGES".


This special commemorative exhibit ran from JUNE 15, 2012 through JANUARY 27, 2013.  


The HISTORY© Channel first aired the highly successful two hour special in 2004.  "FIRST INVASION: THE WAR OF 1812" became their highest rated program ever at the time, and received a Prime-time EMMY nomination.  


The program was created by NATIVE SUN PRODUCTIONS with the help of their San Antonio, TX production partner, 1080, inc.  

“We knew we had a terrific team performing on and off camera from the very beginning, and the results were breath-taking!” said Gary L. Foreman, President and CEO of NATIVE SUN PRODUCTIONS, who served as the Executive Producer and Director.


There are many production highlights throughout the program that includes feature-film quality battle scenes that are expertly blended with cutting-edge  computer generated imagery (CGI).  Most striking are the moments capturing the burning of the ‘White House’ by British troops, the massive British fleet, and the day and night bombardment of Fort McHenry (Baltimore, MD) which became the backdrop for Francis Scott Key’s writing of the Star-Spangled Banner, our National Anthem.  


Foreman recalls one of the challenges to create a pivotal scene, “We created the burning ‘White House’ scenes on both our Ohio and Texas sets and they still blended seamlessly together.”  


The entire production was filmed on land and water in four states and employed hundreds of authentic reenactors from a dozen states and Canada.



Our Emmy Nominated Film Included in Smithsonian Museum Exhibit!

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Created by Native Sun Productions, you can now authentically follow in the footsteps of one of America's greatest folk heroes.  Starting at his birthplace in TN, to multiple locations where Crockett lived, loved, fought, hunted, and worked. 

From Frontiersman to Statesman, against all odds, he became the "voice" for the common man.  

As The Crockett Heritage Trail© continues to grow,  it will ultimately span 21 different states "From the Appalachians to the Alamo!"

The Crockett Heritage Trail©

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